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Founder & Director of Ort Gallery Birmingham

MA Philosophy University of Birmingham 2011

MA Fine Art Central Saint Martins 2010

BA Fine Art Birmingham City University 2008

Erasmus Exchange Vilnius Art Academy 2007  

Born 1986 in Berlin




Artist Statement

The fundamental questions underlying my work are about control from within the individual, executed through pressures from power structures in society.  I believe that we internalise structures in the way Foucault proposes in his Disciplinary Society theory, where power is only successful when it enters the mind of the individual on a constant basis. The system then automises itself and a natural relationship to authority is lost. Ideology means that we are caught up in a system, unaware of it and hence incapable of escaping.  In Kafka’s work, his protagonists get to points in their life, that make them realise that they are on the inside, as if bumping into an invisible wall. I strongly relate to that image.

What does it mean to live today? How does mass media and virtual communication change us? Through my work as a carer I have met people with mental illness and severe learning difficulties, which has allowed me to get an insight into what it means to be controlled from the inside and excluded from the norm. This experience has led me to draw analogies to the experience of all members of society. We feel powerless against the abstract system controlling us.

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